Welcome to the

"Design your Life" Course

You are now on your journey to self discovery...

"Our DYL Project is a transformative journey crafted for women who want to gain clarity and direction at different stages of their lives"

As we walk along the path of life things change, and so do our wants.

Such as:

- You may want to break free from the daily grind and constant struggle, but you're not sure where to start.

- Perhaps you feel like you're treading water and you know there's more, but you don't know what this is.

- Maybe you're feeling numb, lost, unmotivated or just plain old meh!

If you find yourself yearning for more then this is your invitation to break free!

"This project is a meticulously crafted pathway to empower you with the tools, knowledge, and community support needed to shape a purposeful and meaningful life"

Here's what our DYL Project includes:

Discover Your Inner Compass

Learn and understand what your core values are to help shape and improve the decision making in your life

Assess Your Wheel Of Life

This assessment will unlock your path to personal growth and highlight the areas of your life that are needing more focus.

Goal Setting & Planning

Imagine your life several months or years from now? How would it feel to look back and see that you have been living your dream life you deserve in accordance with your values?

Develop Your Action Plan

Develop a roadmap to success so you can move forward with intention one step at a time

Overcome Fear Barriers

Learn how to cultivate a mindset that helps you overcome barriers that are hindering your progress and set yourself up for success to keep moving that needle forward

Community (Bonus)

A private, close-knit online Community. You shouldn’t have to go it alone, and really who wants to? It's much more fun crushing goals with your friends. Let's celebrate those wins together!

"This project is a meticulously crafted pathway to empower you with the tools, knowledge, and community support needed to shape a purposeful and meaningful life"

"Get crystal clear on where you are now, where you want to be, and how you can get there"

Ready to redefine your life?

Take the leap with the Design Your Life Project. It's your pathway to authenticity, purpose, and a future designed by you, for you.

Embrace change, set meaningful goals, and let's thrive ladies!

"I've had to start over several times, because I've either been unhappy in my work and with my circumstances, or I've started to feel dissatisfied and lost motivation"

- Laurie, Founder of Sisterhood Collective

What bought me back to life was really doing some inner self discovery work and reflection.

The tools in this project I have been sharing for years with friends and mentees.

Now I've pulled it all together because I want to help you break free of what it is that doesn't allow you to be your best self.

Because once you work that out, you'll be able to unveil your true potential and then set a roadmap to go and get it!

And it's an amazing feeling when you can get that clarity!.


"After taking a long break from work, I was unsure about my next steps. But this project helped me rediscover my strengths and passions while guiding me towards a new career that will allow me to be present with my family. I am currently putting a plan in place and setting goals and I'm super excited because now I know there are a million things I could do whereas before I felt boxed in"

- Aimee

"I can't believe the positive impact this has had, I've been able to sit, think and work through what's important to me. I always wanted to start a business but never knew what. Now I've thought of something that matches me, my interests and abilities. "

- Andrea

"I had been feeling stuck and unhappy with my business for a while. I knew I needed to change something to get my mojo back. I took my time with this project and put in the work to rediscover my values, my purpose and the reasons why I started my business in the first place.

Now, I have a newfound clarity and can see exciting new possibilities within my business. I'm inspired to make changes that align with what I want and I never though I could pivot but I can! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to infuse passion back into their business"

- Raquel

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